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    Who We Work With

    Find out what some of our partners and B2B customers are saying about us on our Testimonials page. Need to streamline you500彩票网安全下载r business with Cartell data? Check out Cartell Business Solutions.


    Carzone.ie is the number one motoring website in Ireland with over 1,200 dealers advertising on the site. Visitors can access the biggest selection of cars for sale in Ireland. It is the primary online site for buying, selling and valuing cars in Ireland. Launched in 2000, listing on Carzone.ie is almost a necessity for any motor dealer. It delivers an average of 400 views per car and the dealer area allows for analysis and tracking.


    CAP HPI UK exclusivley supply Cartell with UK data and have been checking the histories of used cars since 1938. They were the first to introduce this invaluable service. Their many years of experience in the industry have made ‘getting an HPI Check’ a commonly used phrase. If you500彩票网安全下载 want a vehicle history check carried out by the real experts, always look for the official CAP HPI/Cartell logo. We have access to more car data than anyone else and our thorough investigations have helped thousands avoid purchasing cars that have been stolen, clocked, written-off, or that have unpaid finance against them.
    Who we work with - CAP HPI

    AA Ireland

    AA Ireland is one of Ireland’s leading consumer services businesses. They provide emergency rescue for people in their 500彩票网安全下载 and on the road, as well as providing insurance for over 200,000 Irish customers and breakdown cover for 300,000. The AA specialise in 500彩票网安全下载, Car and Travel Insurance. They attend over 140,000 car break downs each year, with 80% fixed on-the-spot.

    TecDoc Informations System GmbH

    The information source for the vehicle repair market with the original data of the parts manufacturers. Founded in 1994 by companies of the automotive aftermarket industry and the German Association for Spare parts (GVA), Tecdoc Informations System GmbH. TecDoc has established itself as the leading supplier of electronic spare parts information on the European market. Tecdoc furnishes the free vehicle spare parts market with current and comprehensive data for identifying and ordering parts. For both PC as well as CV, directly from the databases of the cooperating automotive aftermarket manufacturers in a standardised catalogue form. The core tasks of Tecdoc are still the standardising, gathering and distributing of data as well as the development of the necessary data technique. Nevertheless, Tecdoc intensively works on new projects in order to offer more efficient solutions to industry, trade and garages.


    Fronted by Ireland’s leading motoring journalists, including its founder Shane O Donoghue. Completecar.ie has already established itself as one of the foremost Irish sources for consumer buying advice. It offers practical and readily accessible information in a unique and authoritative way. The partnership with Completecar results in relevant automotive sector information being made available to the consumer, car enthusiast, and interested observers. The partnership results in completecar.ie information appearing on the Cartell site as well as other exclusive features.
    Who we work with - Completecar.ie

    Stay up to date

    Make sure you500彩票网安全下载’re following Cartell on , , and  for the latest  & automotive news.

    Who We Work With - Audi