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    How Cartell Works?

    How Cartell Works

    How Cartell works? – Get a Cartell Check

    Getting a Cartell Check couldn’t be easier. The process has been developed to insure you500彩票网安全下载 can check any vehicle you500彩票网安全下载’re interested in, quickly and easily. Follow the steps below to see how Cartell works.

    1. One Star Free Identity Check
      Go to the Get a Cartell Check section on the website (or to the registration box on the right of the page), enter the Vehicle Registration Number and click the ‘Go’ button. A list of vehicle details will be displayed – this is you500彩票网安全下载r free identity check. Check these details match the vehicle you500彩票网安全下载 are checking.
    2. Select Car Check Type 
    3. Car Details
      Enter the current Mileage Reading – don’t forget to choose either Miles or KM. This cannot be entered or edited after this point.
    4. Your Details
      Enter you500彩票网安全下载r full name, address and contact details and then hit the ‘Next’ button.
    5. Payment
      Enter the relevant credit/debit card details and click the ‘Make Payment’ button. If you500彩票网安全下载 have a promotion or discount code, enter at this stage.
    6. Your Car Check
      After payment is made the Cartell Car Check will appear in the next screen. Additional information such as the Irish Finance Check results or UK History will be sent to you500彩票网安全下载r email address. All documentation, including you500彩票网安全下载r VAT receipt, will be sent to you500彩票网安全下载r email address. If you500彩票网安全下载 have any queries don’t hesitate to contact Cartell.
    7. Verify Vehicle Details using Complete My Cartell Check (Free of Charge)
      If you500彩票网安全下载 haven’t already confirmed the VIN/Chassis Number please go to ‘Get a Cartell Check’ and on the left column, click ‘Complete my Cartell Check’ before proceeding with the purchase. The VIN/Chassis Number is unique to each vehicle and is one way of checking that its identity has not been changed fraudulently. It can be found on the VRC and in various places on the vehicle. This is free of charge once you500彩票网安全下载 have done a report.

    Making an Informed Choice with Cartell

    A Cartell Car Check can help you500彩票网安全下载 make an informed choice but cannot protect you500彩票网安全下载 from every eventuality. Before you500彩票网安全下载 proceed with the purchase of the vehicle please view Cartell Buying Advice and print off the Buyers Check List – Buyers Checklist and Private Sale Receipt (PDF | 34KB) which will show you500彩票网安全下载 some of the things to look out for.

    Stay up to date

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