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    Cartell & The Motor Industry


    If you500彩票网安全下载r company is related to the motor industry, you500彩票网安全下载 should consider improving you500彩票网安全下载r services with Cartell’s Business Solutions.

    Launched in 2006, Cartell is Ireland’s first and most comprehensive vehicle data supplier, providing car history checks to both public consumers and traders/dealers.

    Cartell also provide’s tailored vehicle intelligence data to insurers, financiers, parts suppliers, vehicle manufacturers, and all sectors of the motor industry.

    We are the leading provider of Global VRM Data, see below the locations for which we supply data.

    Cartell Motor Industry - Transparent Car

    You May Not Know…

    Cartell provide much more than Ireland’s Number One car history check. We are also the industry leading experts in:

    • Vehicle part mapping – To the Aftermarket e.g. &
    • Service pricing – To Aftersales e.g. , , ,
    • Insurance ratings – To Insurance Companies and Brokers e.g.  &
    • Vehicle valuations – To all Automotive Sectors

    For a complete list of VRM and API Solutions Cartell have offer please click here  


    Cartell Motor Industry - X-ray

    Worldwide Data

    Cartell vehicle data is available static or in real-time and covers all vehicles registered in Ireland, UK, Spain, Portugal, Malta and The Netherlands.

    Expanding globally, we have recently added vehicle data from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Italy and Sweden with further additions expected in future.

    Cartell Motor Industry - Map

    Stay up to date

    Make sure you500彩票网安全下载’re following Cartell on , , and  for the latest  & automotive news.